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2014 Ladies Seminar Flyer

Mrs. Kay Campbell is the wife of Mitch Campbell. The Campbells have been married for 29 years. The Campbells attend Landmark Baptist Church, Louisville, KY. Mrs. Campbell works as a Counselor with a Crisis Pregnancy Center. She became interested in ventriloquism by watching an evangelist at a children’s revival. She has been a ventriloquist since the age of eleven. The Campbells live in Georgetown, IN and have two children – one son and one daughter.

Mrs. Debbie Jenkins is the wife of Dr. Jon Jenkins. The Jenkins have been married for 30 years. She has served alongside her husband at the Grace Baptist Church, Gaylord, Michigan for 28 years. Mrs. Jenkins enjoys serving in the Ministry as College Professor, Author, Conference Speaker and many other facets at Grace Baptist Church. The Jenkins have 3 married children.

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The messages are free to listen to, download and share.

2013 Ladies Seminar

  1. Sparks Trio - It's Through The Blood (song)
  2. Jojo Moffitt - The Power of Words
  3. Hannah Sparks - Your Grace Still Amazes Me (song)
  4. Loretta Walker - I Am Not Compatible
  5. Joy, Angela, Hannah - Before The Throne (song)
  6. Jojo Moffitt - The Power of Words - part 2
  7. Joy Sparks - There Is A Fountain (song)
  8. Loretta Walker - Living Without Waves

2012 Ladies Seminar

  1. Joy, Hannah, Angela - Unto You (song)
  2. Loretta Walker - Unforgiveness
  3. Hannah Sparks - The Warrior Is His Child (song)
  4. JoJo Moffitt - Be A Joy Speader
  5. Joy Sparks - Stand (song)
  6. JoJo Moffitt - Be A Giver, Not Just A Taker
  7. Joy Sparks - The Promise (song)
  8. Loretta Walker - My Imaginary Friend

2011 Ladies Seminar

  1. Joy, Hannah, Angela - Is That Wedding Music? (song)
  2. Cindy Schaap - Helping One Who Is Struggling
  3. Farmer Girls Academy - Scriptures and Singing
  4. Jamie Lapina - A Happy Home
  5. Joy Sparks - This is My Promise, This is My Heart (song)
  6. Cindy Schaap - Controlling Your Thoughts
  7. Joy Sparks - Yours To Keep (song)
  8. Cindy Schaap - Why Good Christians Divorce
  9. Farmer Girls Academy - Scriptures and Singing

2010 Ladies Seminar

  1. Joy, Hannah, Angela - Cherish That Name (song)
  2. Belinda Gaona - Faith
  3. Joy Sparks - What If I Give All (song)
  4. Karen Kalap - Marriage
  5. Joy Sparks - For What Earthly Reason (song)
  6. Karen Kalap - Child Rearing - Precious Memories
  7. Sparks Family - First Light (song)
  8. Belinda Gaona - We Are All Different

2009 Ladies Seminar

  1. Joy Sparks - He's Still On Time (song)
  2. Loretta Walker - The Man That Made The Difference
  3. Joy Sparks - The Secret Place (song)
  4. Belinda Gaona - Spiritual Reproduction
  5. Belinda Gaona - Our Relationship With Others
  6. Belinda Gaona - The Refiner's Fire (song)
  7. Loretta Walker - Let It Go

2008 Ladies Seminar Messages

  1. JoBeth Hooker - Why We Don't Trust Men
  2. Sharon Taylor - Love Leah, Receive Rachel
  3. Sharon Taylor - Control, Manipulate and Dominate
  4. JoBeth Hooker - Wisdom Has Builded Her House
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